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Force Crusaders

       Force Crusaders is the oldest Star Wars players organization in Poland. Founded in November 1997 as a Order of Light Side players of Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight FC operates non stop for over 9 years. Our goal is to gather players who identify themselves with Jedi philosophy. Over the years we had more than 100 members and right now we have nearly 50 active Crusaders. Our main interest lies in games such as Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast; Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and some still play Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. Force Crusaders were always interested in shaping Polish Star Wars games scene. We took part in every league or ladder started and even hosted 3 events: 2 Movie Battles leagues (mod for Jedi Outcast) and a Jedi Academy league (hosted together with Order of Paladine and Force Renegades clan). Right now we host over 15 game servers for both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.

       Crusaders not only play but also create. Since the times of Dark Forces II we released many maps, models and skinpacks. Many other addons were created for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. Our members also write fan fiction stories, tutorials, manuals and create web pages for both Order use and for the wide public.        Our last but not least important area of interest is called Force Cathedral. A special place on our forum where we discuss aspects of Star Wars universe which are not related to computer games. Movies, books, RPG almost every topic is covered in our discussions. Force Cathedral members release descriptions of places, characters or events form Star Wars universe which can be read on our homepage (Polish only).


Grand Master

Force Crusaders was founded by Viger and is led by him ever since. He alone holds the title of Grand Master and has the decisive vote in every matter concerning Force Crusaders.
Grand Master's tag is red and has the form nick&FC

Jedi Council

Every Crusader who earned the rank of Master sits in the Council. Council helps the Grand Master in shaping the development of the Order.

Knight Council

Crusaders who earned the rank of Jedi Knight and are particularly active and dedicated sit in the Knight Council. Each have their own special area of operations and together they help in day-to-day operations.



When one enters Force Crusaders he or she earns the title of Recruit. During 8 weeks of their trial recruits have to prove their dedication to the Order. Force Crusaders offers many fields for activity. One can be an active forum member, good JO/JA players or can be practice various arts in the name of Force Crusaders. All that activities are carefully watched and are essential for recruits promotion. If a recruit fails to prove to be worthy of a promotion he or she is dismissed from the Order without any trace in the archives.
Recruit's tag is gray and has the form nick_FC


Earning this rank ends the trials. Adepts are full members of Force Crusaders and as such their actions are recorded in the Orders archives. Adept's main function is to find a Menthor among the Knights or Masters. Only then, when the selected Menthor accepts him or her as his Apprentice an adept can be promoted.
Adept's tag is gray and has the form nick-FC


Adepts who find their mentors become Apprentices.. They will receive various tasks which will test their skills and dedication. It is curtail that the Apprentice and Mentor know each other very well and can work together with the benefit of the whole Order. Apprentice can be promoted only on the request from his Mentor. In special cases the council will decide of the promotion.
Apprentice's tag is yellow and has the form nick'FC


Knights are the backbone of Force Crusaders. Experienced in many ways they can and should help younger members. Knights can decide in many matters important to the Order especially if they sit in the Knight Council.
Knight's tag is blue and has the form nick''FC


The rank of Master is the highest rank that can be earned in the Force Crusaders. One can become a Master on the request of the Jedi Council or the Grand Master. There are two paths a Crusader can follow. One way is to perform outstanding achievements for the Order. Another way is to take the responsibility of a part of Force Crusaders and based on the performance the Council may decide on the promotion. Masters are the only Crusaders obliged to work for the Order. So accepting that rank bears both great prestige and responsibility.
Master's tag is green and has the form nick'''FC

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